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About NSA

Established in 1992, National Staffing Alternatives, Inc. (NSA) is your source for alternative staffing services. Headquartered in Lima, OH, about nsawe provide professional contracting and leasing services in a variety of business settings throughout the United States. NSA can become the “employer of record” from an HR function for employees at your business locations.

Why Choose NSA?

Whether you are a small, medium or large-sized organization, businesses today need assistance in managing and retaining their employees. At NSA, we can significantly decrease your workload by acting as your HR department! We have the ability to assume all payroll processing such as, but not limited to the preparation of W-2s, paying and reporting all payroll taxes, processing workers' compensation claims and more for your contracted or leased employees. We are dedicated to creating customized cost effective and efficient solutions that will assist your organization and employee-related challenges, allowing your Executives to focus more on their core responsibilities.